Equipment Booking


AMNF equipment booking requires the completion of training. There are six stations for which you can be trained and have bookable access: 1. Deposition, 2. Photolithography, 3. Chemical Processing, 4. Electronics Prototyping, 5. Laser Micromilling, and 6. Stereo Microscope. Each station has its own safety concerns and relevant details are shown in the AMNF Operations and Safety Protocols.

Trainee, User, and Senior-user statuses are allocated for each of the above stations. Trainees are granted access to a station as part of training (administered by a Senior-user), Users are granted standard access to a station, and Senior-user have both access and training responsibilities for a station.

WHMIS training must be completed and documented for all access.



Upon completing the AMNF orientation access to the AMNF equipment booking will be granted. All stations must be booked using the calendar booking system. All users are able to book equipment. Trainees are required to be accompanied by a Senior-user at all times while working in the AMNF.